Have an idea for a new business?

It could become my next company and win you €10.000+ and equity.

My next company won’t come from a focus group or industry research.

I want it to come from you! 🫵

You see problems that I don’t see, and you know ways to solve them that I don’t. Maybe you work in a large corporation and don’t want to leave a secure job to found a brand-new company. Maybe you’re a creative type with too many ideas to pursue on your own. Whoever you are, I want to hear your idea.

If I like it, we’ll sit down and talk about it 1-on-1:

How it might work 🤔

What it would take to start❓

How you’d like to be involved 💭

The best idea will become my next company, and the winner will receive a prize based on how involved they want to be in it.

Pitch idea

Pitch idea via AI


Award of Prize and start of Company

How the prize will work

If the winner doesn’t want to be involved in the company: €10.000 + 1% ownership

If the winner wants to be an advisor: €20.000 + 2% ownership

If the winner wants to be a full-time cofounder: salary and substantial equity

Submissions close on 15.3.2024

How the idea submission works

I’m using AI to create a dynamic, easy-to-use questionnaire that feels like an organic conversation with me. Don’t go in feeling like you need to have all the information prepared ahead of time - the AI-driven form will ask you questions and you can take your time to answer.

About Frederik

Frederik Fleck is an accomplished serial entrepreneur. Over his 25 year career, he has built 10 companies, including test IO, expertcloud and Ostrich Media. Many of these have achieved successful exits.

Frederik started his first company as a way to solve a problem for his stepmother. It was the mid-90s, and her law firm was paying exorbitant costs to outfit the office with computers. Frederik was still in high school, but he knew he could build a computer for less money. He and a friend started building computers themselves and selling them. From there, the company grew to offer basic instruction classes to those struggling with the digital transition.

Many of the companies Frederik founded ultimately achieved high valuations, but this first business taught him something vital about entrepreneurship:

the most successful startups begin by solving a problem.

About the competition

Think you have a good idea for a company that solves someone’s problem? Share it with Frederik and he might choose it for his next startup!

From now until 15.3.24, you can submit your business ideas through our online portal. Tell us about a problem and how you think we can solve it. Don’t feel you have to write something up in advance — our AI-driven form is designed to simulate an in-person pitching experience. The AI interviewer will make sure you don’t leave out any important information.

Don’t let subject matter hold you back, either! Frederik’s background and interest is among other in B2B SaaS, AI and health tech, but he’s excited to branch out into new fields if that’s where the winning idea is from. Have an idea for an agricultural startup that you think could disrupt the market? Maybe you’re into 3D printed houses or next gen water purification systems?

If it excites you, share it!

Frederik and his team will invite the strongest applicants to have 1-on-1 conversations with him about the idea. Don’t worry - if your entry is selected at this stage, we’ll let you know what else to prepare before the meeting. We hope you’ll see this as an exciting opportunity to develop your idea further!

Frederik will choose one idea to turn into a startup. Whoever makes the winning submission will receive a prize based on how involved they want to be. Not interested in running the company yourself? You get $10,000 and 1% ownership for giving Frederik the idea.